Yes you can

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Yes you can

Yes you can be…
You can give a lot of love to everyone around you…
To give tenderness to those who wait for it from you…
You can give…
To help everyone who needs…
To bring happiness and peace…
She extends a tender hand to ease loneliness
And you drive away the beast who waited for you for years.
You can take care of those who really need you
Not all the world will compensate them your absence and your preoccupation with them.
You can take a serious stand with yourself
To determine what you should take care of
And what extra burdens should you get rid of that are useless?
Except to spoil your relationship with those around you and deprive you
To enjoy the true meaning of life.
Don’t be late, don’t hesitate, it may be too late
And never be ashamed to give a little, for deprivation is less than it
And don’t doubt that you can

You have great energy of love that you haven’t discovered yet.

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