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Ghada Ata is a life coach and marriage counselor licensed by The International Coaching Federation. She is an Associate certified coach (ACC) by ICF.

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Ghada's coaching sessions are characterized by their practice results-oriented approach, a non-judgmental attitude, comps, and empathy combined with her profound knowledge and understanding of human psychology

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What Our Happy Users Says

Aisha Hamed

I had a problem that I was confused about, and I did not know how to take a decision. I need to be heard by someone I really trust. In the coaching session, I found Ghada who understood the issue and helped me get out of the confusion. And to reach the appropriate decision, I thank her from my heart and pray for her in my prayers.

Nihad Madani

I started when I was afraid, worried, confused, and didn't know what to do, and I finished while I was calm, calm, and my thoughts were arranged, proud of myself, and understanding what I would do... The coaching session with Ghada Ata was fun, comfortable, and very, very useful.. I wish everyone would try it, even if you don't know where to start or how to start, it will help you I thank you with all my heart ❤❤ and I hope to do it again..with my best wishes.

Dr. Rana Hatem

I attended life couching sessions with Coach Ghada Atta, and then I was able to understand myself more and how to deal with the challenges in my life Ghada Atta is a very, very comfortable person, and I used to talk to her very comfortably, as if I was really talking to my sister.

Dr. Rana Hatem

For consulting Ghada really catches up with me in a lot of things Not only because I trust her point of view and her judgment on matters and her experience But hours when we are inside the situation, we don't know how to act Not only do we act right or wrong I am one of the people who fell into situations where I did not know how to act at all And I don't know what to do Here comes the role of Ghada Elly do not direct me to do what But you make things clear to me that I don't see, and I see them clearer, so I know how to act or make a right or wrong decision for people. It doesn't matter. The important thing is that in the end it is my decision.

Nada Abdel Raouf

For consultations, stay with you ♥️♥️♥️ I am a person who was afraid to speak publicly And then, at some point, I had to talk about my life As for when I spoke to people, I understood the importance of the impact of a balanced and sane word without detracting from my feelings, minimizing them, or exaggerating them and exaggerating things more than they are. Not everyone can hear And not everyone who advises knows how to advise in the first place! Really, with you, the issue is completely different because your opinions are wise and practical and seem important to my feelings (you validate my feelings) I mean, special times for women. As for someone who advises them, you find her saying, “You are the one who makes matters worse.” “It is normal for all people to bear it.” These are very offensive words in themselves!! Acknowledging feelings, I feel, is 50% of solving the problem in the first place, without exaggeration, and this is something you know how to do brilliantly ♥️♥️ God willing, I always see that your talent in counseling and advice is innate from God ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Other than knowledge, diligence, courses and certificates that I know you have taken, and you are always keen to develop and work on yourself, no matter how high your level is, God willing ♥️ In your words, it will be a lifeline ♥️ And about practical experience ♥️♥️ but experiences Your advice has never disappointed me ♥️

Dr. Tayseer Saber

Do you know what it means to be confused and find someone who takes you to rest like this, one by one, he crosses the road with you, and also takes you up the stairs... No, from the first time ❤️. Do you know what it means to keep distances and hundreds of kilometers between you and him, and he can reach every detail inside you and break you through the mess you live in with the utmost calmness, professionalism and influence, and without any shred of hesitation? Thank you Ghada Atta, Ghada ATA, for the change that I felt just once in coaching, and I look forward to the next time for sure. 💖💖

Hisham Owaida

I am one of the coaches clients Ghada and I attended more than four sessions during a period of about 8 months. Frankly, there were sessions on different topics and they were successful, because through the sessions I was able to explore new ideas that I had not thought about or crossed my mind, and I was able, thank God, to find solutions that helped me be in a better position. Ms. Ghada has a sense of listening, good observation, and the ability to consult thinking and reflection. Hisham Owaida

Maysa Al-Ashmouni

Before I spoke to you, I had a terrible negative energy inside of me. We talked about the negatives, fear and mistrust that I was in, and I got the opposite of what lost trust. I found positive solutions. My thinking changed. You were and still are the greatest coach with me. Good luck always ❤️

Nada Abdel Raouf

I would like to say my opinion about coaching ♥️ Seriously, I am surprised by the amount of information that my mind stores and the details of the topic we are talking about! I mean, I start the session knowing that I want to talk about such-and-such or such-and-such a problem, but I still don’t know where to start or what to say, as they say, where does it come from 😅 but with your questions Mental guidance is that it focuses on the way to solve the problem through individualizing it and presenting all its aspects and the negatives and positives of the subject 🗺️📍 so you seriously draw a wonderful mental map for my mind that starts with a sequence that shows the topic, its causes, results, available options, and so on And the best thing is that you are not the one who draws the map. On the contrary, it is my mind and my words that draw my mental map based on my choices 🧠🛣️ This makes me more confident in my decisions and in my mental power and that I can think well why not ⚡️🧠💪💪 It is as if you remove the toxins that one enters into his thinking, such as tension, confusion, hesitation, nervousness, and the poisons of others that they spread in him, such as destructive criticism and toxic psychics, to which we are exposed. All this is filtered and replaced by a calm, elegant and organized mind 🍀☺️ And confident in himself 🥰

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Many People Ask About This

Coaching is a personal training so that the coach helps the client through conscious questions to reach the best performance, and arrange his thoughts through a conscious dialogue that raises self-esteem to be able to reach positive and appropriate decisions. The coach does not interfere with the customer's choices or impose his point of view on him Rather, it helps him to bring himself to what suits him.

The individual coaching session is 45 minutes between the coach and the client. For me, coaching is a friendship relationship with a wonderful person who wants to develop himself and multiply his abilities. I listen to the client attentively and share with him without any guidance through questions that help him discover the situation, see him in a deeper way, define his problem and reach his own solutions through a self-development journey. For me, the positive relationship of self-development and improvement is one of continuous success and achievement in all aspects of life. I am confident that all success partners will achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and rediscover themselves. I look forward to sharing your personal success journey soon. Ghada Atta I am confident that all success partners will achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and rediscover themselves. I look forward to sharing your personal success journey soon. Ghada Atta

-If you want to set your personal goals.
-If you want to restore balance to all aspects of your life.
-If you have a challenge you would like to choose the most suitable alternative for you.
-If you want to define your passion in life.
-If you have a problem that you would like to skip and solve.
-If you want to improve your relationship with your partner.
-If you want to arrange your life, your priorities and increase your awareness.
-If you want to raise your self-esteem.
-If you want to turn challenges into opportunities to grow and improve your life, think positively and ignite enthusiasm and motivation to accelerate success and achievement.
-If you have any or all of these things, rest assured I'm here to help you reach the best version of you.