365 days of love

“We blossom near those who believe in us and trust us.”
When doubt and weakness seep into our souls
It reassures us when we are surrounded by fears.
We blossom near those who appreciate us when we are lost
Even our self-esteem and degraded.
We blossom near him who gives us security and surrounds us with love.
We bloom near those who repel our painful blows to ourselves and bring us back to us.” Ghada Atta

Through this book, the author presents 365 effective ways to improve communication between you and your partner, achieve happiness and maintain balance in your relationship with him.
The book contains 365 ideas to enrich your emotional relationship and restore vitality and warmth to your relationship with your life partner. It is a complete training course on positive communication and maintaining love as you continue your journey with your partner.

Life is more beautiful when we share its moments
We share their features and make it easy for each other.
Happiness overwhelms us when we feel secure in our relationship with those we love.
Our days are sweeter when we hold hands to repel difficult moments together.
Life becomes wonderful when we cling to the ones we love and rest assured of it
And he embraces us in his warm embrace so that we can take shelter in him from the cold of our days.” Ghada Atta

Through this book, the author presents 365 effective ways to improve communication between you and your partner, achieve happiness and maintain balance in your relationship with him.
The book contains 365 ideas to enrich your emotional relationship and restore vitality and warmth to your relationship with your life partner. It is a complete training course on positive communication and maintaining love as you continue your journey with your partner.

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365 days of achievement

A morning that breathes hope and shines with happiness on your heart.
It’s a new day overflowing with people and worthy of your dreams
Fshmar on the sleeves of vigor and arming with certainty.
Today you are one step closer to your dreams. Ghada Atta

The 365 Days of Achievement book is daily messages that charge your energy, encourage you to succeed, and help you to know yourself more and overcome the difficulties of your life while focusing on your goals and maintaining your priorities.
Through this book, the writer presents 365 practical ideas that will help you achieve success and happiness and maintain a balance between aspects of your life to feel reassured and maintain your true happiness while you strive towards your destination and dreams
It is a complete training course on achievement and balance as you continue your journey

A book (365 days of happiness)

Open your window to dreams and inhale the morning breeze loaded with hope and optimism, and draw on your face a smile of satisfaction that opens the doors of goodness and blessing for you on a new day.
The sun of your dreams will definitely shine, so open the windows of hope in your heart and be certain of God’s generosity that you will get more. Ghada Atta

365 Days of Happiness provides three hundred and sixty-five recipes for happiness and success.
The writer navigates between the paths of love, optimism and hope, and offers practical and realistic recipes for achievement and the realization of dreams.
You will find yourself between its lines and you will come back to read it over and over again.
This book is a focused positive charge, and whether you read it continuously or at intervals, you can renew your energy and find joy.

With each re-reading, you will find something new and you will rediscover yourself with greater awareness.
The book (365 Days of Happiness) provides 365 practical and realistic daily recipes for happiness and success.
These recipes are concentrated doses of positivity, optimism, and motivation to achieve.

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A book (365 days of joy)

“Keep this innocent child inside you to see the beauty that no one else can see. Ghada Atta”
It continues to achieve while retaining its values ​​and principles.

This book is daily messages for you. It will help you calm down and feel relaxed and calm to start focusing on what matters to you and what means to you.

It will help you to dust off that jewel in you. Arrange them as you wish and choose where to start and where to continue next.

The book contains 365 days of ways to get joy, tranquility and happiness to choose from what suits you every day.
The book offers you a state of permanent joy that you can get in the easiest way and without any hardship and cost.

As you apply these flexible methods and simple bio-techniques presented in the book to get joy, you will get used to many positive habits and get more positive emotions that will help you to live your life happily.

A book (Yes, you can)

“The hardest battles in life are a battle that a person fights with himself to perform, sometimes defeating him and being overpowered at other times, but he tries and tries

To force her to submit to his mind, morals and principles. Ghada AttaThe soul of man is always in a struggle between what he wants and what he must

When a person unleashes his dreams, everything is rosy and easy to reach, but on the ground, things seem more difficult and require effort and hardship, and a person encounters many doors closed to his wishes and finds himself forced to use the tools of reality so that he can achieve dreams.

This book sheds some light on the relationship between the heart and the mind and the conflict that is always raging within the soul between the desires and tendencies of the heart, the duties and restrictions of the mind, and how a person interacts with life.

How can a person overcome the harsh trials and pains of life?

without losing his resolve?

How can he achieve his dreams without giving up his values?

How can he live the sincerity of his feelings and the spontaneity of his nature?

Without being hurt and trusting others without being shocked by their selfishness and cruelty.

The answers to these questions and more can be found in this book.

This book is a message for everyone who seeks hope despite pain and for all

Who strives to succeed and achieve dreams amid the pressures of life and its pitfalls.

Life is not a rosy road, nor is it an easy journey in which happiness and dreams come true without hardship, without pain, and without harsh tests.

This book does not tell you how to live an easy life, nor does it tell you that you will succeed every time without finding pitfalls and difficulties, but rather it searches with you within yourself for your true strength to persevere and try.

It helps you live according to your own values ​​and principles without fear

And without psychological struggles that exhaust you.

This book accompanies you on your journey to help you stand firm in difficult moments so that you can overcome them while you are strong and able to live your nobility and morals.

Yes, you can stand up every time you fall

You can succeed every time you stumble.

You can achieve your goals and reach your dreams despite all the pressures and difficulties that you will inevitably face as long as you are on the right path.

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About the smart man’s guide book

The fact that you chose this particular book means that you are a wonderful and caring person
On the love of your wife and your relationship with her and care about her feelings
And that you want to make her happy and express your love for her.
You are her knight, her hero, her safety, and among men, you are the one who chose you with her full will to be her man whom she trusts and entrusts to him for the rest of his life, so he decided to add something.
In the balance of feelings between the two of you every day and you will see how she overwhelms you with her love
And give you happiness that did not cross your mind. Ghada Atta

(The Smart Man’s Guide to a Happy Married Life) The book provides 501 easy and practical recipes to make your wife happy and enrich your relationship with her and helps you to understand her thoughts, feelings and reactions that may seem strange and incomprehensible to you.
This book will accompany you on your journey to achieve your happiness and will be a guide that will help you to overcome differences and fix points of disagreement and controversy and as you continue to apply its recipes the improvement will occur gradually
In your relationship, both of you will be able to open up to each other’s ideas.
You will find a woman showering you with her love and tenderness whenever you can contain her fears
Satisfy her need for love from you and she will express her appreciation for you and will show more kindness and understanding whenever you express your love to her in every possible way.


Too close, as too far apart, weakens love.
It makes us not see the features of our loved ones clearly.
the image is not clear,
You make us not feel you, life is beautiful near them.
They only make us feel their value when we miss them.
We miss their closeness, and we know we could lose them at any moment.
It makes us not know how much we love
Except when we feel a threat to our relationship with them.
Then we wish that all the times of distance were a connection,
And times of estrangement are close and warmth that unites us with them.

The Cocoon is a life drama between a married couple who flips through the seasons of love
And they live its sweetness and its torments, between a departing spring and a passing summer
Contradictory feelings about themselves bring them more confusion
As they both voluntarily escape from their cocoon
If a tender breeze of love caressed their hearts again.

It is a psychological novel that will change your view of the feelings of others
It will make you see farther than your eyes can see.
A novel that will immerse you in the feelings of its heroes and force you to dive deep
In yourself to search for love and know who you are.
You will learn more about yourself as the storms of love chase you and overwhelm you
His tender breeze with every line pulsates with love in this book.

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Habib Al-Omar novel

She is a different woman…
You will definitely fall in love with her…
It will occupy you…
They will colonize you and conquer your fortresses…
You will love the details…
You will dig its meek details deep inside you…
Until you see her with your eyes closed.
It will invade your dreams, occupy your memory, steal sleep from your eyes, to become a guest between your eyelids.
As soon as you enter your heart until you colonize it.
She will not leave your heart willingly and with all your consciousness…
Strjoha to stay and live on the spectrum of memory.

(Habib Al-Omar) is a novel that engulfs the reader’s emotions and feelings. You will release your soul with it to live that mixture of love, surprise and fascination.

There are those who joke about love and those who doubt the sincerity of feelings and the nobility of feelings, then they wrap themselves in the cold of their days and the harshness of their features.
And there are those who choose to build their warm nest together with much love and many times of gratitude that builds homes and makes true happiness and does not care about all the thorns that they trample on.
As long as the life partner assigns their souls and heals the wounds.
These and these meet love once or again,
But only the truthful are the ones who live a full life with the beloved of a lifetime. Ghada Atta


Between a heart that yearns for love and yearns for happiness
Pain and a wound that is still bleeding, a love that lives the joy of her story in all its chapters.
– The temperature of the stove was rising a degree below her feet, below
To notice or notice that she jumps off this hot plate that melts her resistance, makes her surrender slowly and her strength fades.

The events follow and the drama in their lives is intense between tension and attraction, happiness and sadness, and the past becomes a nightmare that haunts them until this huge transformation takes place.
In everything, is it worth the sacrifice?

Age is not just the years we live in.
Age is not a number it is life.
It’s those moments, minutes, and days
We live with all our hearts. Ghada Atta

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Life is a door to heaven

One can live in this world a happy life, in which he is happy at every moment
He goes one step at a time towards heaven.
The simplest things that do not come to your mind about benevolence to others are good deeds
In your balance increase the wage and raise the grades.
Life is an opportunity to do more every day that pleases God and brings you closer to His Heaven, and to offer acts of kindness and charity to everyone you meet, purely for the sake of God Almighty.
Life is a door that leads us to heaven by God’s mercy, generosity and grace
We will pass it through tests and temptations

The more you pass a test, the higher your score and the closer your steps to bliss
And your path became smooth and paved towards a paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth.
Go with certainty and confidence that God’s kindness surrounds you, surrounds you, and suffices you from evil
The road and its obstacles. Ghada Atta

Life is a door to heaven:
In this book, we will learn about a lot of good and easy doors
Help us to earn good deeds and increase in obedience to attain happiness in this world and the hereafter. We will find our souls more calm and comfortable as we charge our faith energy with doses of optimism and certainty.

The book (Confused Hearts)

Confused Hearts book

I may not know you personally

But I know that you are a person looking for yourself…

about your feelings…

who resemble your soul…

Looking for that inner peace and harmony with yourself.

I know you have big dreams that cross the line

And the energy of immense love that you wish you could embrace with all the people around you

But you don’t know where to start

That’s why you and I are here on a journey through these pages

Let’s find all these wonderful things together.

Together, we will face challenges, and closed doors will open door after door for us.

We will search within ourselves to break free from alienation and untie the harsh shackles of the past

And we will sail deep within us to release that enormous energy trapped inside us.

We will go far with the power of our imagination to break the walls of our illusions

And we fly beyond the walls of our pain to achieve our long-awaited dreams. Ghada Atta

Confused Hearts is a very special message for you…

A dialogue that will extend between you and his letters…

It tells your heartbeat and communicates your deepest feelings…

It acknowledges the pain and deficiency and treats the pain inside you

Which you did not disclose and did not understand anyone around you.

He is a friend who takes your hand step by step to liberate you from the painful past and the fear of the unknown, to liberate yourself from your deepest sighs, to embrace a new love for yourself, and to find your soul that has long been away from you.

This friend opens the doors of happiness and optimism for you slowly

To live the life you deserve.

You are worthy of love…

Happy and safe…

Simply put, this book is you.

Confused Hearts is a book that addresses hearts and tells their pain

And inspires her to dream, live her happiness and achieve her goals, it is a book

Agitate the souls to continue their march towards the peaks.

The author takes the reader on a journey of self-search and reconciliation with his deepest feelings.

The feelings and psychological conflicts that every page of this book deals with will touch the reader deeply and interact with his suffering and the details of his life.

And he will find himself in the middle of those lines.

In the first section (the challenge of relationships), the writer discusses the problems of relationships and self-conflicts, and how a person overcomes the pain and frustrations that befall him.

It also discusses in the second section (Challenge of Success) the obstacles and challenges that stand in the way of success and how a person can overcome them

It continues to achieve while retaining its values ​​and principles.

The easy language the writer chose to address the reader as a friend

Sharing his experience makes the reader not get bored until the last line of the book.

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The book (How to fill our homes with love)

How to fill our homes with love:

This book sheds some light on the forgotten feelings of man and his silent dreams that he abandons in the midst of crowds.

Thinking it was a luxury and rosy dreams out of reach.

It also provides keys to love and restore the warmth of life and feelings

between spouses and create a stable atmosphere for the upbringing of normal children.


When falling in love, a person sees his beloved as a complete human being

There is nothing wrong with it and when life goes on with them and they both wake up

From the state of the glow of love, he is shocked because he finds his beloved a normal human being

It has flaws and advantages, so feelings of frustration seep into itself

And the problems begin because he insists on the perfect perfect picture

Which he drew in his imagination for his life partner, both from the beginning

Exaggerate in expectations and both overburden in promises to the other.

Success in marriage does not mean that there are no problems or disagreements

Rather, it means tolerating each other and taking care of their feelings

Before looking for what he needs from him, marital happiness lies in altruism

And preoccupation with both spouses happiness and support the other.


The book presents recipes for the treatment of cracks that may occur on

The relationship between life partners to restore hope and rejuvenate love.

Love alone is not enough to make a marriage successful, and it must work

Both spouses are in their relationship all the time to get better

Closer and understanding each day than the one before it.

– This book presents a balanced vision of happiness and success in marriage and the positive education of children. It presents many bold ideas and answers many difficult questions about choosing a life partner and how the spouses overcome difficulties and problems.

And how the spouses restore the lost language of love between them to restore the warmth in their relationship and maintain the glow of love always.

The price of alienation

I got laid off for years riding that plane back and forth every year or two.
I go with pain and come back with pain…
I go with hope and come back with hope…
Between pain and hope, I lived years of my life patiently with distance and loneliness.
And I wait for the day I return when I complete my message and check on the children.
I don’t know if it’s been a few days or decades that I can’t count.

(The Price of Alienation) is a novel that will immerse you in the feelings of its heroes and force you to dive deep within yourself.
You will know more about yourself as you live through the chapters of the story.

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The second meeting novel

Golden sunshine was shining in the sky
When his eyes fell on her for the first time.
It was the first time his eyes met hers.
The ground shook from under his feet.
He felt that something had fallen out of his mind
under its feet, but there is no way to get it back.
It is his poor heart that fell for the first time under the feet of a woman
She surprised him with her beauty, so she wanted him captive, and then she went away
As if a spectrum came and left in moments.

There is a delicious pain called love that you can’t get enough of.
And you drink it to thirst more and ask for more.
The novel The Second Encounter is a dreamy romantic story that transports you to this pink world in which its heroes live, waiting for a second meeting that brings them together.

You are awesome

“Stop, hero.
stand up.
Gather the remains of yourself and your strength
Brace yourself and prevent it from collapsing.
Get up again.
There I still glimpse a light far away waiting for you.
I see hope advancing towards you.
A new day will shine upon your heart, which has long suffered and suffered.
You will surely find someone to accompany you
And share a more beautiful tomorrow with you to heal your wounds and rejoice from your heart. Ghada Atta

Book (You’re Wonderful):
He is your companion who trusts you and shares your details to communicate with yourself
And to see these wonderful sides inside you.
Much love, gratitude and happiness awaits you inside the covers of this book.
This book is a motivational journal that opens doors to optimism and helps you to clearly identify your unique potential.
-This book helps you day after day to come out to life with a spirit full of enthusiasm, vitality and confidence to show yourself and those around you the most beautiful in you.

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The false sparkle book

Our eyes are often dazzled by the brilliance of words, our ears rejoice with the ringing of terms, and our hearts dance with the magic of phrases.

Until we close our eyes from excessive fascination

 We do not see the reality of those words and we do not understand the meaning of those terms

We are not aware of what is behind these phrases, and we drown in the seas of adoration for them

Without looking for a beach to anchor to and sleep our hearts and minds

 To spin wherever it turns and go wherever it wants without guidance

 Or insight or knowledge of the insides of things

We do not stop, even for a moment, to ask ourselves where we are going

Until we collide with the storms of the raging sea, its waves crashing

 Which brought us to those words and terms

And resonant phrases with their false luster and artificial charm. Ghada Atta

This book deals with the most influential sects in Islamic history and their extension in contemporary reality, as well as the most influential schools of thought in global politics and their repercussions on Arab identity.

– This book tries to convey a message of closeness and love so that we search for commonalities between all sects and sects, and takes new paths in dealing with some thorny issues.

This book knocks on doors that have long stood and hesitated before it, and seeks to bring Muslims closer together as a unified whole united by religion, belief, language, and the Book of God, and it has all the factors of strength and resources of power. Understanding Let us think, strive, and put together priorities and foundations to follow in order to preserve our religious identity and moral values ​​while we step towards the threshold of a prosperous future worthy of us, so that the countries of Islam will be in the position that they deserve since the lights of prophecy shone and the sun of Arab civilization shone.

This book discusses a lot of thorny topics simply

And looking for the unspoken answers to difficult questions

 That dissipates a lot of energies and dreams evaporate in front of her.

This book is for anyone looking for the truth amidst the falsehood of images.

I promise you a very different experience.