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Many People Ask About coaching

- Coaching is a personal life skills training where the coach helps the client through questions to reach the best performance Arranging his thoughts through conscious dialogue raises self-esteem to be able to reach positive and appropriate decisions. The coach (life skills trainer) does not interfere in the client's choices or impose his point of view on him, but rather helps him to reach what suits him.

- An individual coaching session is 45 minutes between the coach and the client. Online coaching sessions are held via the Zoom application. - In the coaching session, you are the one directing the session. You choose the topic or challenge you want us to work on. You specify a problem or topic that you would like to work on, or a skill that you would like to develop, so we will work on it together throughout the sessions. If you want to make a real investment in yourself I will accompany you on a journey of self-development through sessions Covering the sides of the wheel of your life to lead a new life with high concentration And make real changes to accelerate growth and improvement And reach successes in a shorter time for all aspects of your life. For me, coaching is a relationship of friendship with a wonderful person He wants to develop himself and multiply his capabilities. - I listen to the client with interest and share with him without any guidance through questions that help him discover the situation, see it in a deeper way, identify his problem, and reach his own solutions through the journey of self-development. With each question, awareness increases, and the customer becomes calmer and more reassured He is able to identify solutions himself and has the will to implement them. The positive relationship of self-development and improvement for me It is an ongoing relationship for success and achievement in all aspects of life. I trust that all success partners will achieve their goals They overcome obstacles and rediscover themselves. I look forward to sharing with you on your personal success journey soon.

Coaching session required: -If you want to define your personal goals. - If you want to restore balance between aspects of your life. - If you have a challenge and want to choose the most suitable alternatives for you. If you want to define your passions and values ​​in life. - If you are facing a problem that you would like to make a decision about. If you want to improve your communication and relationship with your partner. - If you want to arrange your life and priorities and increase your awareness. If you want to turn challenges into opportunities to grow, improve your life, think positively, and ignite enthusiasm and motivation to accelerate success and achievement. - If you have one or all of these things, rest assured I'm here to help you become the best version of you. Ghada Atta

I will help you and provide you with support and advice to overcome problems and improve communication with your partner through one-on-one counseling sessions.

We will work on it together through coaching sessions, in which we will engage in a positive dialogue.

Many People Ask About training

I am honored to be here to serve and assist you To be the best version of yourself you desire.

In the course of training with me, I offer you tools and skills to help you develop yourself in:

Communication and relationships.

-Positive thinking.

Dealing with negative thoughts and getting rid of the fierce critic inside you.

Improve your mental image of yourself in front of yourself.

Acquisition of life skills for achievement and happiness.

And through information and skills that I share with you, and through educational exercises that you implement with me, step by step, you will find more positive energy.

The integrated programme:

Over the course of an extended training program in which you will take several courses:

Managing anxiety and stress.

Understanding your needs and the needs of your partner.

Love languages.

-effective communication.




Many People Ask About Personal Coatching

I will help you and provide you with support and advice to overcome problems and improve communication with your partner through one-on-one counseling sessions.

If you want to improve communication between you and your partner.
If you want to restore the feelings of love and the vitality of the relationship between you two.
If a problem occurred between the two of you, you could not overcome them alone, and you are afraid that it will affect your relationship. Privacy, security, honest attention, and informed advice is what you need at this time, and it is what I promise you, God willing. - In the counseling session, we will share focused time to solve your problem for an hour, and the session will be held online via Zoom.
I will listen to you, help you, and provide you with the support and advice you need to restore your relationship with your partner. It may take time to resolve your issue and improve communication between you, and you will come back to me time after time to implement effective steps that will help you rebuild the relationship between you again.
Relationship consultant
He provides you with opinion and advice based on your problem and circumstances, and provides you with a summary of his expertise and experience
It provides you with solutions and answers, saving you time and effort, directing you, and providing you with advice and guidance.
- It identifies exercises and steps that help you to solve your problem or to improve communication with your partner.
He gives you a summary of his knowledge and experiences of specialists in your subject and uses educational tools and training when needed to help you and enhance the benefit of the consultation.
-Whenever you present to me with your problem or a challenge you face in your relationship with your life partner, I offer you advice through experience and in-depth knowledge. Thank God, I have more than fifteen years of experience in the field of communication and improving relationships.
- The success of a couple in restoring the splendor of their relationship and restoring communication between them after effort and time Working together is one of my happiest moments And overcoming their difficult problems and restoring the relationship was one of my best times.
If you need help and want to save time and effort going the wrong way Then you are in the right place.
-I am here to help you...
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The difference between coaching, counseling and psychotherapy

Allow me a few minutes to talk calmly about the difference between coaching, coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, and psychiatry.

- It relies on positive psychology and addresses the segment of normal people, or in the easiest sense, ordinary people who do not suffer from a psychological problem that needs treatment, and focuses on the present and the future, and deals with skills that you wish to acquire.

- The coach does not treat, does not develop a treatment plan, or delve deeper into the client's past and his problems, and of course he does not prescribe medications or suggest methods of psychological treatment. The client is the one who determines the topic of the session or sessions according to the skills he wants to acquire, and he is the one who makes decisions and bears the responsibility for implementing them. The coach is a catalyst that encourages and assists the client in arranging ideas and priorities through meaningful questions that help the client reach decisions that suit him.

- Ideas and values ​​do not change overnight, but through a period of self-training with the coach, improvement and development occur in the way of thinking and dealing with ideas and events in general. The coach's questions are always directed in a positive way that helps you to define ideas... goals... values... decisions... for the future.

- There are many disciplines for coaching, as there are those who work with you only on the side of work, professional success, relationships, or setting goals and values, and so on There is also a life coach, any life skills coach.

Someone who provides you with a predetermined knowledge and methodology and learning steps And train you to acquire new skills that you want to acquire. He has a curriculum that you study for a predetermined period of days or months, and you can measure your learning and the knowledge and information you have acquired and start implementing it yourself after training.

- The coach is a catalyst that does not guarantee success or the acquisition of skill, and you are responsible for implementing the knowledge and skills you have acquired, otherwise you will not benefit from them.

A person who is an expert in his field and has a long period of experience and knowledge in it He has testimonials and customer experiences confirming his impact. An expert presents a problem or a topic to him, and he offers you solutions and suggestions from his experience and knowledge, and you decide whether or not to take this opinion. He provides advice, advice or opinion, and you are the final decision maker.

A student of psychology and has academic certificates and training courses. The psychologist works with you on past problems and experiences to overcome psychological problems you face and helps you to explore your psychological problems. He does not prescribe medication for you, but he follows up with you and listens to you through psychological sessions and uses scientific treatment methods. Helps you recover from past wounds and psychological crises.

He receives psychological problems, behavioral disorders, and personality disorders, and works with you on past problems and experiences He is the only one who can prescribe psychiatric medications, uses specific scientific methods, and develops a treatment plan with a psychiatrist to follow up on the psychiatric patient.

- Here you notice that there is no confusion or conflict, and none of these can replace the others or be replaced by them, and each one of them has an important and effective role that cannot be ignored, bypassed, or waived, depending on the situation. and what the service recipient needs.

Through your understanding of the differences, you are the one who determines your subject, your needs, and who you need to help him at some point in time. You cannot demand any of these people to make everything for you, or accuse him of failing to be responsible for resolving matters for which he is not responsible or competent.

- It is in your interest that the coach be honest with you and not interfere in therapeutic issues and not interfere in your decisions and building your goals. It is also in your interest to take advantage of this opportunity to explore all your capabilities and learn more about yourself. And know what you can achieve while working with him on your own development.

- It is in your interest to apply what you learned from the coach yourself and to take what suits you from this curriculum that he offers you to help you develop your performance and skills.

- The consultant offers you his opinion and experience, saves you time and effort, and provides you with a summary of his experience, but you are the decision-maker.

- The psychiatrist and the psychologist are the ones who can develop a treatment plan or decide a specific method of treatment, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, for example, and only the doctor can provide a medical prescription.


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