Test paper

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Test paper

The student entered the examination committee.

The observer began distributing the answer sheets and clarifying the instructions for the answer.

The observer put the question paper in front of the student and his face cheered.

The observer thought that was a genius of him, as he was the only student in the committee who smiled when he saw the question paper and everyone around him was terrified.
They respond with fear and worry, fearing failing the exam.

But in fact, this student had not yet read the questions, but he liked the shape of the question paper. The questions were written in cheerful colors and the paper around it was embellished, so the student put the question paper in front of him and proceeded to decorate it and draw beautiful drawings in every aspect and decorate and decorate every part of it.

The observer drew his attention to the limited time of the exam and the many questions behind it. He did not pay attention to his words and proceeded to draw and paint on the question paper.

He drew his attention that this question paper is not considered and that what he will be held accountable for is what he will write in the answer sheet, and he repeated to him that the time for the exam is already tight, and he simply replied that when he finishes the trimming of the question paper that he liked, he will start answering the questions on the answer sheet.

The observer tried to understand that there was only time for an answer, but to no avail.

The observer left him and went past his colleagues who were terrified and terrified at the beginning of the time. Some of them were completely engrossed, and they rolled up their sleeves and began writing and answering with determination and focus and trying not to occupy themselves with any noise or distraction in the committee.

They appreciated the value of the exam and the importance of time, and that each question had a specific time to answer it until they moved on to the rest of the questions.
Others, so frightened and terrified, found themselves crying so hard that they could not even answer the questions they knew from the intensity of tension.

Others try to cheat and steal some answers from the papers of those who are in front of them engrossed in answering.
Others try to answer the questions they know as much as they can and with what they studied previously, they sometimes get right
Sometimes they make mistakes, but they try.

As for this friend of ours, he was still engrossed in the trimmings of the question paper!!

Now that time is running out, everyone is busy.

Whoever took the matter seriously now reviews and puts the final touches on the answer sheet to make sure that all the answers are correct.

And those who tried answered most of the answers and tried to think of some words they composed so as not to leave the answer sheet empty of the rest of the questions and regret and blame themselves that they did not study well and did not calculate this day in the way it deserves.

And those who were terrified and terrified regret that they wasted exam time in wailing instead of answering as much as possible until they reach even the smallest degree of success instead of failing.
As for those dodgers who used to cheat, they realized that cheating would do them no good.

As for our friend, as he began to see anxiety rising on his faces and heartbreak coming out in the voices of other students, he turned to his watch and realized that time was about to run out, so he grabbed the answer sheet and the pen and started looking at the question paper, but this time to answer the first question, and as soon as he put the pen on the paper, he blamed himself for everything. He wasted a lot of time and everything that was too late until the observer stood in front of him and pulled out the answer sheet from him.

He tried to plead with him… He tried to sympathize with him… He tried to beg him… He tried to hold on to the answer sheet… But this time the observer was the one who did not pay attention to his words, wailing and crying, but rather looked at him with mockery. He always advised and warned him to pay attention to the required questions. and even begged him to turn to the answer in the answer paper, but he underestimated every advice and words.

Now the crying and wailing began, and we hope that he will be given another chance to repeat the exam, correct its mistakes, and start answering again.

The time for the exam is over, and the time for answering is lost, and all that remains is to announce the result, so that the successful winners rejoice in the result of their hard work and effort, and each one is rewarded according to his degree and fatigue, and each one is rewarded according to his grades. Work has no value, and there is nothing left but joy in success and success, or regret, deprivation and heartbreak for what has passed and what was.

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