Don’t take the pain

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Don’t take the pain

Do not take the times of your pain with all your heart and thought, so that it does not turn into sorrows that dwell in your heart and control your feelings.

Do not give in to the moments of your fatigue and exhaustion from the pressures of life, so as not to turn into long periods of suffering.

Do not live the times of your pain with everything in you so as not to waste your energy and impress a state of sadness and a feeling of bitterness on the details of your life.

There are times when we need to ignore pain in order to live and carry on and other times we need to go through it quickly so we don’t get engrossed in it.

We need to pat our hearts and gently pat our souls so that they do not succumb to the feeling of pain and suffering, so that our time does not pass in heartbreak, sadness and sorrow over things that will inevitably vanish, but what will remain in us and dwell in them is our sense of them.

The days pass and with them the pain disappears, but the aches of the soul that we repeat to ourselves and deeply immerse in it remain with us in the journey of our lives to spoil our times and squander our happiness.

Laugh, rejoice, look for moments of joy, and the mind will translate your message and your sense will believe it, to turn into positive energy in your life, so you will find yourself cheerful, coming to life full of vitality, until the time of your pain passes and your pain takes its natural size, and you remain from your experience a sense of confidence and ecstasy because you have overcome your pain and overcame it.

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