Positive thinking

Memories for sale
They decide to get rid of all their old lives They imagine that distance is their comfort and abandonment...
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Don't take the pain
Do not take the times of your pain with all your heart and thought, so that it does not turn into sorrows...
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In a moment of truth
In a moment of sincerity from within you with yourself, there are many things that you can see in a different...
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Sound of Hope
The voice of hope within you breaks the rocks of pain, breaks the walls of fear, breaks the darkness...
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Angle in the heart
Who do we trust…Whom we can talk to freely… Whom we can open our hearts to, talk to them about our pain...
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take care of yourself
Life will not be one face, and as joy overwhelms us in moments, we experience pain in other momentsA...
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Life isn't easy
If someone said that life is easy and all dreams are within reachAll people are good and all people are...
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Yes you can
Yes you can be…You can give a lot of love to everyone around you…To give tenderness to those who wait...
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Heart talk
“No matter how many times you fall or get knocked down, you can still get up.” Ghada Atta My...
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