In a moment of truth

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In a moment of truth

In a moment of sincerity from within you with yourself, there are many things that you can see in a different way and begin to renew with a different spirit in your life.

In a moment of serenity with yourself, you see a lot that is absent from you, and your life passes before your eyes, so you discover yourself as if you were the first time you saw and knew it.
It is enough to blame others and throw all your mistakes on the world and blame people and accuse circumstances.
It is enough to see the faults of others and see yourself without faults.
Enough to say you can’t, and argue in front of yourself that you are wronged by all people. Face your fear… Face your weakness with your mistakes.

I confess because no one is infallible and does not benefit from tears and blame.
When you grow up, nothing is wrong in your life that will be fixed.
You are responsible for your life and your actions.
You are responsible for your future and your dreams.

If you want to live, remember that you are oppressed and rest because you are the only one who takes away all the worries
Surely you would prefer to live in pain and defeat
It is difficult to keep anything beautiful in your life
It is difficult to see any hope or feel a happy moment that passed you
Because being absorbed in the midst of worries and sadness prevents your eyes from seeing any beauty in your life
It prevents your heart from feeling the feelings of any pure and sincere person who tries to make you happy.

At that time, you should really be concerned because you missed opportunities for happiness and joy in your life more than you can imagine.

You can live happy when you are satisfied with every moment that passes you and you know that life has bitterness and sweetness, and you don’t stand in front of the difficult and bitter, unless you absorb life experiences and from situations you understand and learn and from your pain you are stronger and turn to any moment you rejoice and pull yourself from worry.

It is never a shame that you make mistakes and learn and each time you will be more mature and deal better with your life.
You can live reality with everything in it and overcome its difficulties with your will and determination, and every day you strive with a satisfied soul and a good heart without malice, greed and suspicion, or surrender to your weakness and pain and live defeated.

You can live content and able to complete with a new hope every day, or you can live a distressed and distressed life, and every moment that passes you by is like a lifetime.

Look in your life and you will find many sweet things that can make you happy, and good people whose presence in your life reassures you, and when you look at your life with optimism, love and praise to God every morning with every sunrise, you will be surprised that your life with the taste of hope has become sweeter, and that in your days there are still things to be lived.

And in the midst of your crisis, you rejoice, because you are confident that it will be released, and the age is still in it, the joy of waiting, knocking on your door. As long as it is waiting for sure, it is coming, God willing.

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