Absent Present

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Absent Present

In our lives there are people who have missed our lives with the passage of days and the place and time have changed, or they have left our world, but they are present in our hearts…
Alive in our memories… they influence our present, direct our future, stir within us the energies of love and giving, and ignite the fountains of hope and contentment in our souls.

These wonderful people we remember to live moments of real happiness that forget the bitterness of our days to live a state of fun and innocence that restores youth and joy to the days of our lives.

There are people we meet once or again, or even hear about them without even meeting them for a moment, but their words and attitudes live in our minds and go with us wherever we go and affect our values, morals, and orientations in life.

There are those who lived to give others hope, optimism and positive energy that would enable them to move on with their lives with confidence, determination and vitality.
And those who gave their lives to build true values, principles and meanings, their sacrifices immortalized them in the hearts of people.

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