Dear teacher

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Dear teacher

Why do you take on your leading and effective role in building society and advancing science and ethics?
You are the one who teaches and raises the physician, the scientist, the engineer, the lawyer, the sower, the maker, and even the highest official.

You are the one who educates and educates the members of society, and whatever subject you study, it is your role in the classroom and in front of the students and all your words and actions that shape their consciousness and shape their personalities.

You are the one who can place in them the values of love, tolerance, forgiveness and charity.
You are the one who can sow in them the seeds of honesty, integrity and mastery of work.
You are the one who can instill in them the values of nobility, justice and sensitivity to others.
You are the one who can teach them the importance of time, the value of work and production.
You are the one who can set them up on the mental order of their minds and define their goals and priorities.

You are the one who can eliminate in them the feeling of selfishness and utilitarianism,
And to exchange it in their souls with the values of teamwork, community service, altruism, and giving goodness and conscience in whatever position they work in.

Yes, all this is in your hands… in those minutes and hours that you spend with them throughout their school years.
You can be a practical example in good manners, etiquette, uplifting behavior, striving, hard work, honesty and awareness.

You can instill in them the value and importance of every minute of their life.
You can instill in them belonging, fear of God, and love of country.
You can instill in them a love of science and a love of books and culture.

You can fill their minds with a passion for every new information, nurture in them the sense of the scientist, the writer, the innovator and the leader, and galvanize them for brilliance.
You can teach them the value of excellence in work, so that each of them is keen to be distinguished in his field and in his work and craft, so he does not despise a profession or be ashamed of work, but on the contrary, each of them chooses of his own free will a place where he can be distinguished, and to achieve in it what he cannot accomplish others. With glory and honor.

Forget all those who marginalize your role and all those who make fun of the value and prestige of the teacher.
Forget all those who ignore your role in building society.

Forget all that and head to the right safe path which is our hope for reform and awakening of conscience and morals.
Reform does not come overnight, but it is achieved when each of us feels our role
In his place, in his work, within his family and his family, he provides a role model and a motivator
He stirs energies and enthusiasm in everyone around him.

You can positively influence and inspire everyone, especially those innocent hearts and minds who receive from you with simplicity, spontaneity, and boundless confidence.

Your words have more impact on your students, even than the mother, father, and society as a whole
And what is imprinted in their minds, even in your silence and all your actions, is what weighs their skills and life experiences, and it is what holds you a heavy trust before God that you should not waste.

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