We meet people  who are cool and amazing at first.
they care.
They share They are grateful for every little thing
They rejoice with us in the simplest things
And we rejoice in everything they offer
We may even blame ourselves
We are not as friendly as them, despite the sincerity of our interest
Which comes slowly, but remains and does not change.
Then suddenly they change
Without introduction, they walk away

They don’t interact or care
And they are not near
Or even share.

So I not impressed anymore with the splendor of beginnings.
I became more impressed to those who could care and try to be present and
To deal friendly.
I am looking for these exceptional people
who  give attention to relationships.
They welcome and share feelings
And they maintain their relationships and kindness.
Thanks for  every exceptional and distinguished person with his presence and presence.

Thanks  for every  friend who isexceptional in his  presence and impact. Ghada Ata

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