How do you get your wife back?

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How do you get your wife back?

If you feel that love has begun to seep out of you, or that boredom has begun to enter your hearts, or that cracks of misunderstanding have hit your relationship, or that the bridges of trust have collapsed between you, or that the flower of love has withered, and the flame of longing has extinguished, and the warm embrace It is cold, the sweet smiles are gone, the branches of the tree have dried up, and the sweet word has escaped. If you feel all or some of it, do not rush to accuse and do not blame and go complaining in all directions.

Do not offend the dearest loved ones and ten years. Face yourself honestly and bear the consequences.
Consider yourself the only one responsible, wide to remove every dispute, and fight to regain the most beautiful of what has passed.
This wife of yours was once the dream of your life, the dream that you struggled to achieve, the happiness you wanted for yourself, the love you wanted for your heart, the hug you had always been waiting for, the smile that never left your eyelid, the fragrant fragrance that filled your chest, the melodious voice that awakened your longing, And the precious hope for which you live, and the vessel that holds your child.

Why did you give up all that little by little?
And how did you forget your past life and what you wished for in what is to come?
Do you simply let happiness escape you and live lamenting your misfortune that has thrown it your way instead of returning it to your arms?
You were once the light that her eyes see, the songs of birds that delight her ears, the fragrance of roses that fills her chest, the breezes of spring that refresh her body and the great love that fills her heart.
You do not see, hear or feel in the world except yourself, do not believe others, do not see the world except with your eyes, and do not obey anyone before you.

Your words ring in her ear, and she does not hear anything else, and she closes her eyes to remember your whispers, so she becomes happy for her, and she feels the warmth of your touches, so she disappears in a world of beauty, imagination and dreams.
How did you get to that then?
What did you do for her to spare you from all the world and people?
How did you control her heart and mind at that time?
And if you ever did all that, why did you give up on the things you knew you could get to her heart with?
Why did you leave your weapons that you can influence her with?
Why did you deprive her of your kind words, your soft whispers, your tender, gentle touch, your gentle looks, your abundant feelings?
Where are the roses that you always gave her and the phrases of love you showered her with?

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