How do you raise your child on honesty?

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How do you raise your child on honesty?

There is nothing more positively affecting a child’s morals than seeing honesty and integrity as a behavior in his parents’ lives and touching and realizing from his early childhood that every morsel that enters his mouth must be halal and that anything suspicious will not allow both mother and father to accept him in their home no matter what. They desperately needed him so that he could get used to that what was forbidden would not be acceptable, no matter how tempting and pleasurable it was to him.

That the child finds in his parents a good example of giving and benevolence to others…
To find them refraining from delving into people’s biography and refraining from mistrusting others…
To find them avoiding ridicule and abuse and afraid to hurt someone’s feelings…
To find his parents ashamed of vulgar speech and aversion to harsh and obscene speech and avoid it.
For children to see kindness as a way of life inside and outside the home in which parents deal with each other, with them and with others.

Then the planting will be good, and no matter how naughty and pampered the little ones are, noble morals will be engraved in their souls, and their souls will be imprinted on politeness and printing paper.

There is no positive model of giving, for the mother and her children to collect all the clothes they do not need to help those who are most in need, for the family to provide an amount of its income, even a small amount, that goes out to the children for the poor and needy, and for the mother and father to always deal with respect and kindness with the questioner and the deprived, and do not detract from anyone. Or they insult him for his poverty in front of the children, so that the children grow up to respect every human being, no matter who he is, and to be sympathetic to the needy and the poor and be kind to him.
Likewise, honoring one’s family, relatives, and friends, and showing kindness to them is a practical behavior that children witness and absorb to implement in their lives when they grow up, because the emotional and value stock they have is imbued with righteousness, benevolence, kindness, honesty, and honesty that parents brought up on them and which they touched in all the details of their lives and were not just words thrown to their ears without content or meaning in life.

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