the smell of treachery

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the smell of treachery

My brothers, in all parts of the Arab world, from the ocean to the Gulf, smell the stench of treachery staring at us all.

The partition plan for our country did not fulfill all their purposes, and here is a new door to sedition, which they open to us wide, and they are trying to entrap us all into its trap.

There are those who are trying to entrap everyone so that everyone can fall at once after they prepare for each other, so are we here on ourselves to allow it to persist until we all fall into the clutches of the snakes that are always stalking us?.

Is the burning land between our countries not enough for us to allow the ignition of wars between brothers?

There are those who breathe fire to ignite between Egypt and Kuwait and between Tunisia, the Emirates, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, in addition to all that Qatar is doing with all its Arab brothers.

There are those who will cause sedition from here and those who will ignite a fuse there.

Whoever comes out with rumors from here and a lie from there, and those who try to heat up peoples so that they may slander and slander to waste our strength and break our will with the fire of anger and hatred.

They will not calm down until the fire of war and hatred ignites between brothers, so will we allow them?
Will we be up for grabs?
Will we allow those who want to expropriate our land to obtain our unity and our love?
Are we going to prepare each other for the enemies to enter our land after it becomes a ruin?
Aren’t all the fires around us enough for us to understand, to wake up, to absorb lessons, to resist, to hold on to each other, and to stand as one, to prevent the evils from our homelands.

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