Good deeds

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Good deeds

“Do good to those who deserve it and those who are not worthy of it, and if you hit those who deserve it, then they are the ones who deserve it.”
If they don’t deserve your good deeds then you deserve it.”

We have heard it a lot, and if you get into the depth of these wise words you will find that it is the cure for your confusion and worry
When you feel someone’s ingratitude and when are afraid of taking advantage of others.
You do not deal with people and do not deal with their actions.
You deal with the Creator, await His pleasure,watch yourself, and present good deeds and kindness to His straight path
Therefore, there is no need for confusion or fear, in all cases you are dealing with people
With your good intentions with God and your origin and morals, if they do not appreciate what you did
Or they were the ones who deny virtue, so be one of the owners of chivalry and virtue, and save your favor with them with the Lord of the worlds, with whom no favor or benevolence is wasted.
The Almighty says: (Is the reward for good except good).
Surah Al-Rahman, verse 60
Always trust that good deeds protect the bad wrestler.

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