women in Islam

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women in Islam

In ancient civilizations, women were just a commodity to be bought and sold as a puppet in man’s hand to play with as he pleases, and it was even a symbol of evil and vile being who has no meaning and no value for their mind and thinking, and their only value she was confined to the man’s need for her to fulfil his desires and desires.
In fact, there are some civilizations that forced a woman to marry in childhood to get used to loyalty to her husband, even if he died, she killed herself behind him
As if it were something he owned and not a human being of flesh and blood.

Women in medieval European civilization were part of a man’s enjoyment when he wanted, without legal marriage and without many rights.
Rather, the education of women was an insult to the English, and the Germans were the authors of the saying (that a woman’s wardrobe is her library).
The French held that a woman should be confined between four walls;
Because the prevailing culture in those civilizations did not respect women
or as an entity and value.

Arab women were not better off before Islam. They considered girls a disgrace and sought to bury them for fear of being taken captive in wars and conflicts between tribes before the Prophet’s mission.
Women lived under the constraints of humiliation and humiliation in many civilizations, at a time when women assumed a prominent role in the history of Islamic civilization and reached great heights in science and in all life.

She has rights, and she has duties, just as a man has rights, and he has duties.
And they are before God in work and reward alike

(Whoever does righteous deeds, whether male or female, We will make him live a good life, and We will give them their reward according to the best of what they used to do).

Surah An-Nahl Verse 97

There were educated women, the teacher, the mujahid, and other honourable images of women that none of the sons of ancient civilizations had access to.
The woman did not reach that, nor did she emerge from the decay and humiliation that she was living through except with the legislation of Islam, just as men did not rise and society did not rise, and the Arabs did not appear in the civilizations of the whole world, ancient and modern except in the shadow of Islam and its legislation and orders and prohibitions.

Women have reason, knowledge and rights, just as men have reason, knowledge and rights.
Human desires no longer rule their lives Rather, there is a master over those desires, which are religion and belief.
It has full financial independence and legal inheritance.
Her income is her own, and she has the full right to choose a husband
Or even separation from him, and the right to seek knowledge and education.

Islam also honours the woman as the mother of Paradise under her feet, as a wife who is kind to her husband and takes care of her rights, a sister who upholds her womb, and as a daughter who is a door to Paradise.
For those who improve her and honour her in raising her.
The approach of Islam balances the mind and human feelings and balances the requirements for the advancement of society and the limits of human relations among its members who complement each other.

Unfortunately, there are those who try to dress women in Islamic countries in eras of ignorance and ignorance, they try to abolish its mentality and degrade its entity and make it mere enjoyment for a man to enjoy without dignity or self-respect, and they try to dye their backward ideas with the mantle of Islam, and they wear them on the understandings with surveys of faith and piety.

The woman has learned and participated in the man in building an Islamic civilization, and every assignment of a Muslim is an assignment for both women and men, and the teachings of Islam are clear.
There is no ambiguity or ambiguity in everything related to women and men.
What is permissible is everything that God and His Messenger have permitted, and what is forbidden is what God and His Messenger have forbidden.
Or deprive her of raising her level intellectually and practically.
Why do some seek to reduce it and confuse things?

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