The impossible and the possible

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The impossible and the possible

We feel let down when we find who we did the impossible for
He cannot do what is possible for us.
This feeling of betrayal can make you lose confidence in yourself
And it makes you stay away from making new relationships in your life
But life does not stop when a relationship fails or ends with someone.
A person’s role in your life may end for you or for both of you this is an opportunity for new people to enter your life and an opportunity for more experiences and lessons to learn and become more mature in life.
Do not be broken by difficulty, nor defeated by a difficult situation.
The lessons of life are many, and no matter how difficult they are, they are necessary.
You have a greater opportunity to see the picture more clearly and determine what you need
What you can give and what you cannot give up next time.

The most difficult thing is what you may lose from beautiful feelings as you try to absorb more.
And the real loss is not in people as much as it is in the innocence and nobility of feelings that disturb and confuse us doubts and internal walls may build in our souls towards others.
You will surely be in pain when the bitter truth shocks you and you realize that whoever you did the impossible for cannot do the possible for you but don’t stop your life in pain and struggle to go on
Without losing your sense of the splendour and beauty of life and without losing your confidence in yourself and others, life’s difficulties reveal human minerals, and it is better for you to discover a bitter truth instead of running into it too late.

Do what you feel is right anyway and stick to your values and keep the goodness within yourself no matter how disappointed you feel you narrowed people’s hearts.
This is what keeps you balanced in the waves of confusion and what protects your heart no matter how life is around you circumstances are difficult for you.

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