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You see what a person does when he finds himself in the treacherous sea, tossed by the roaring waves, and he does not know a way to float, and there is no land under his feet to lean on.

You see what he does and death behind him is close, rather he is the closest thing to him, and the beach in front of him is so far away that it seems to him like a mirage that appears and then fades so that the hope in his heart fades with him and he feels that there is no point in resisting and there is no way to escape, and the sky above him is dark.
The waves around it are mighty, and the atmosphere around it is stormy and overcast.

What would he do at that time, and his human weakness would violently draw him to the bottom, deep in the sea, and violently rob him of his soul?!

Suddenly, in the midst of it all, he emerges from the darkness of the place and the cruelty of time
A flash of light in his heart drives away loneliness and dispels darkness,
It runs quietly in the soul and tranquillity in the conscience.
Suddenly a light of certainty emanates in his chest…
It is Allah’s mercy, not humans, and their reasons that drive him to cling to life.

It is the mercy of Allah that gives him hope, fills his heart with will and determination, no matter what his pain and suffering may be, and helps him to forget all the horrors he faced in his life.
The more death becomes closer to him than life.

Fountains of strength and love of life erupt in his heart, despite the painful blows, crushing kicks, and tragic calamities that life has suffered.
It stubbornly resists the raging current that pushes it with all its might as far as it is from a safe haven, resisting the stormy waves that plunge it into the depths so that it finds no alternative to surrender.

He walks behind that divine light that opens a way for him and raises him above the danger
Above fear, pain and sorrow, Allah’s mercy surrounds, guards and saves him.

The water beats here and there without despair or surrender…
And if he finds the ground under his feet…

The earth finally after despairing set foot in it again…
The ground finally after Oh and Abrah beating in the water.
Now the beach has become a dream that is not far away.
Now I realize that what is on earth is not only suffering, fear, anticipation and waiting.

Now I realize that what has befallen him is not a calamity except by Allah’s permission.
And that what did not afflict him would not have afflicted him except by the command and will of Allah.

Now that I realize that by trusting in Allah, and by persistence and determination, the dream will come true Even if tomorrow is near impossible.

He rowed and rowed until he reached the shore in the safety of Allah and under the mercy of Allah.
In the morning and in the evening, and in the evening and in the morning, he thanks Allah and does not despair of Allah’s mercy.

He does not fear or fear Allah and does not hope for anything but His pleasure.
He asks him for his grace, patience and insight, and he asks him for strength and determination.
In the jihad of the soul and human beings when the situation narrows him down or narrows himself.

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