Thank God

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Thank God

  • Ya Allah, how do I praise You and praise You for Your grace and kindness,
    Ya Allah, how can I thank you and thank you for tenderness and generosity,
    Ya Allah, if you say how many blessings there are, then the blessings are not counted, so that the human beings have abundant blessings, so how is the way to be praised, Ya Allah?
  • A land that you paved, and if you wish, you would shake it and cause people to swallow it up, and you are not unjust to them, for you created them without anything, and your upbringing is generosity and generosity.
    A sky that you built above us, if you wish, you could lower it as an eclipse, and its purity and beauty is another blessing, and the most beautiful of the beautiful is good above charity.
  • Stars in the sky are shining adornments and stoning devils.
    Blazing sun in the sky, if you wanted, you would burn us with its fire, but you made it warm and a light that dispels its loneliness in the world, and a light for those who want to live
    Generosity from the Lord of generosity is generosity and benevolence.
  • A bright full moon in the darkness accompanies the lost and bewildered, and beauty for those who have eyesight and love what is truly beautiful.
    And if there was no longer night of rest for the body, what would the creatures do after long trouble with livelihoods and causes?
    If you wish, Ya Allah, I will make him eternal, and I am for the creatures with light and a shining day
    And I am for the worlds without your grace blissfully
    So how is the way to praise, Ya Allah and praise from You kindness and benevolence.
  • And this sea flows over the earth, replete with lessons and sermons for those who read and understand sublime verses.

Glory be to Him who taught mankind how to extract tender meat from the sea
A prosperous course and Ababh made an ark that carried them and their belongings and what was precious to them.
To know a new land, a far country, and many people.
And if God had willed, the water would have dried up and he would not have any sustenance from it, or he would flood his land, and he would have no surviving offspring.

  • He repeated righteousness that you would not be praised by the one who humiliated my soil, and brought forth from the blackness of the mud fresh and green crops, and made of the fire in the belly of the earth for your fuel and a substance, and gave life to the living from a worn-out body and hid in the dust. Neighbour – Flip what’s on my back under the soil.
  • And the wind resounded with a loud cry: Do you not praise the One who, by His grace, has drawn me with His grace between the seas and the lands, and He has placed a flowing air between the heavens and the earth?

And if he prevented his wind or imprisoned his air, his creation would have perished without delay.

And my heart trembled when I heard the mountain responding asking me: Do you not praise Him who made me to the earth a strong wedge and made my rock strong as long as the sea left him, and each of them was a companion that does not separate, and if the Lord of the universe willed me with his soil, the earth stretches and collapses.

I praise You, Ya Allah, for what the sea ran, and the river erupted, and the sky was erected, and the earth settled.
The sun did not rise, the moon rose, and green beans grew.

I praise You, Ya Allah, for the day and night met, the shadow prostrated, the mountains, the seas, and the trees glorified, and you found me returning bewildered, wondering:
How do I praise You, Ya Allah, and praise be to You for Your grace and favour?
How do I thank you, and thank you kindly and grace?
And if your grace around me were not overwhelmed, it would have sufficed me for the blessings you have done in my soul.

Was I not a small sperm in a womb, and you created me, then you straightened my character, and breathed into me of your soul, and you gave me life from nothingness, and you brought me into the world, and you took care of me with your eyes?
that does not sleep, and you wrapped me in your unpleasant, did you not make that chew between my ribs a beating heart and an angel for my limbs
I make the world wiser by it, and I make the living equal with it, and I distinguish between truth and falsehood by it.
Did you not make me eyes that see your grace, and ears that hear your remembrance?
And you made me a tongue that utters what the heart feels
and what the body needs, and you have made two hands for me to defend me and to take your bounties,
And two men walk for my need and walk the path of goodness
And with all that, I made energy that moves me, and a mind that manages thinks, chooses
and judges things.

I sought help from the blessings that You bestowed upon me in disobeying You

I did not protect your deposits with me, so I slandered on my heart what you did not accept for me.

I extended my sight when you prohibited me, and my ears heard what you disliked about me.

I have done on my tongue sins and abominations that you do not accept from me.

I prevented thanking you for your blessings, so you did not deprive me of your kindness, and I prevented the praise of your deposits You did not deprive me of your provision, I disobeyed you in myself and you did not destroy me, and I disobeyed you on your land and you did not make it miserable for me, and I disobeyed you under the sky and you did not apply it to me, I disobeyed you in your possession and you did not neglect me with your blessings You gave me time and gave me opportunity after opportunity, and now and then Perhaps I will come back and warn me of punishment so that I may dress And you plagued me with sickness and ailments to cleanse me from the defilement of my soul, so I repent And you excused me for the engagement so that I might return and understand that there is no refuge or escape I have no refuge from you but to you.

  • I, Ya Allah, am now returning, repentant and remorseful, confessing my sin and acknowledging Your grace
  • Longing for your proximity, longing for your satisfaction, longing for your praise
  • The number of every moment of my life that has passed and will not return
  • The number of every blessing you have honoured me with, so I denied it and forgot how to protect it
  • By the number of all your creation in whom I was ignorant of your kindness to me.
  • The number of leaves, pebbles, sand and rain
  • The number of every blessing in myself and those around me
  • Because of your great kindness to me, I was deceived by her, and I thought her right for me would not go away.
  • The number of each day you gave me to dress,

The number of every curse you paid for me, and every supplication for evil by your mercy you took away from me
By the number of every obedience you have brought close to me, and every blessing you have poured out for me, and every cover from you you have closed to me with the kindness of the rich man who, if he gives, does not prevent, and if he takes, he does not escape.

Ya Allah, praise be to you until you are satisfied, and if you are satisfied, and after your satisfaction always
Thank you, as it should be, for the glory of your countenance and the greatness of your power.
So will my praise and thanks to you be satisfied, and if you are satisfied, then you allow me to praise you and thank you and remind you of a blessing that cannot be praised and thanked by the heart and the tongue.
Guide me, ya Allah, how I praise You, and praise be to You for Your grace and favour.
Oh Lord, how can I thank you, thanksgiving from you is mercy and grace.

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