superficial relationships

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superficial relationships

Human nature is always looking for love and seeking acceptance from others, he desires friendly relations with family and friends, and for this, he tries to get closer to people, especially the ones he loves.
One encounters many shocks and surprises in one’s life he endures a lot of hardship and pain while trying to make real relationships that stay and last for days.
Successive frustrations, failures, and bad experiences may have enormous psychological effects on a person.

It appears in his later dealings with humans.

Fear of the other and the reactions of the other made many hesitate a thousand times before any communication or self-expression and everyone prefers solitude and justifies it to himself superficial relationships with humans are safer for his heart and feelings but that deprives him of a lot of happiness and true feelings and a sense of tranquillity and participation in life with people who appreciate, appreciate and support him, so relationships have become a heavy burden for him and them, not spontaneous and devoid of sincere feelings.
honestly though…
Feeling reaction…

Renew your relationships…
Kindly approach…
Fear of failure and escape from life
Worse than failure in relationships itself.
Your fear of failure will prevent you from experiencing and connecting with others
The warmth of real relationships.
You will surely find people like you whom you can trust and rest assured of your feelings and feelings with them.
But just try and be yourself.

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