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If you feel that your heart is hard on someone, or you can’t forget an offence So go visit the graves of those dear to your heart what would you do if they came back to you?
Did you see a loved one in front of you?
Would you have spent your time with him reproaching or blaming?
Would you mention an insult or an insult to him?
Remember who you wish to come to life again or even hear you and feel you tell him that you forgive him and love him and do not hold him a grudge.
And remember who you wish lived for one moment to tell you that he forgives you and forgives you.

Remember if it was in your hands now how you would hold it to you and you ask him for forgiveness and forgiveness, and you forgive and pardon, and you ask him not to waste the rest of his life in strife, torment and sorrows.
Life is too short to spend in torment and from missing a moment when we don’t love each other from losing a glimpse of what we hate, or envy or hate and from leaking out of our hands in a blink we do not spend it in the remembrance of God and cooperation in righteousness and piety.
Love is the medicine our hearts need to keep us at ease

Forgiveness is the first step towards a calm and carefree life
When you browse, you relax
And forget the sorrows that disturb your life.
Your need for forgiveness increases as your pain increases to get rid of the burden of worries on your back as you move on with your life.
Forgiveness will not restore your heart without the scars of the past but it will open a door for you to enter into tomorrow without burdens that break your determination your pain awakens all the time.
Forgiveness may not restore people to their place in your heart but it may allow them to stay in your life
Or at least erase the traces of pain, so that the cruel past can’t get over you.

When you do not carry in your heart a grudge or hatred towards any human being it opens your chest to life and enlightens your soul with love and faith you are filled with strength, determination and confidence.
Only the strong understand the meaning of forgiveness and forgiveness when they are able.

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