honesty with oneself

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honesty with oneself

Sometimes the pain is a test of a person’s sincerity With himself and with his principles, he may suffer because he decided to choose the right thing And he himself refused him except for virtue
If he collides with cruelty from others because of this choice And he does not find anyone to support him or stand next to him, so he chooses the right one He remains a person who is reconciled with himself, but his heart is dying and the same hurt from their cruelty when he needs their support.
Mistakes may follow him one after the other because he chose the hardest and most difficult way, and he refused to compromise or compromise his principles he finds failure closer than success, but he chooses his morals those are the values ​​he has always kept in mind.
Then losses become insignificant and obstacles become challenges he prepares for them with determination and unrelenting will.
He may suffer because he chose the wrong people their presence in his life is a test of his values ​​and conscience and it becomes a moral obligation to give up his bad choice if their separation will hurt him and bleed his heart after them.

A person’s soul may not bear any of his pain And his soul cannot bear fatigue, so he unleashes himself In search of happiness and comfort without worrying about mud to whom his feet slip, or to the mirage towards which he is heading he only wakes up to heartbreak and regret because he was not patient with a test he could not stand the pain.

We may suffer, but we definitely learn a lot and these become our choices in life more mature as we go through moments of pain that refine our personalities and refine our souls and teach us patience and endurance.

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