Marriage Share

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Marriage Share

Marriage is not a deal in which both spouses are looking for more profits.
Rather, it is ten with affection and mercy, sharing in the sweet and the bitter in life.
Supporting each other in difficult times is what strengthens them
The bonds between the spouses make them both hold on to and trust the other
He feels safe and secure with him.
And the authentic wife is the one who is next to her husband in the peace of life
It is difficult, supports him, encourages him, shares with him and rejoices in everything simple
Her life partner presents it to her, and she brings pleasure to himself.
And she fills her house with contentment, and if distress passes them, it is his help and support
Which does not get bored and does not abandon him until they cross it in peace.
When you decide to choose a husband, do not worry about social appearances;

Because it will not create happiness and will not bring stability if it is not for the human being
The one whom you have chosen is kind in his treatment of you and fears God in you.
And do not ask for what is beyond his capabilities as long as you are satisfied with his morals and religion.
Financial matters mean nothing in the stability of the house.
It cannot give you love, happiness, and security with a life partner
If he is not good-natured, friendly and merciful to you,
Everything can be compensated or even given up except good treatment
Intimacy between a married couple respects and appreciates the other.
Those warm homes filled with happiness are not built with sweet talk only,
But with love, friendliness, honesty, mutual sacrifices, and respect.

And though the couple need strong words of love,
However, beautiful words alone are not enough to make the spouses feel satisfied and secure.
Sincerity, dedication, attention, and concern for the success of the human relationship
It appears in everything that life partners offer to each other.

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